Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Event Hosting Sponsorship Available

Event Hosting - Sponsorship Available

For the first time the International Quilt Festival will be coming to Long Beach, CA July 25-28, 2008. This is their debut year here. There will be literally thousands of quilters in our city. Some will be here for several days, including the vendors, and some will simply drive in for a day. While they are all in the area it seems to me it would be a great idea to host an event such as a concert or BBQ or Luau at the beach. Clearly the Long Beach Convention Center will not be available as they Quilt Festival and all of the vendors will have it packed.

The cost of entry for anyone who would like to attend the event would be one single Quilt of Valor for someone wounded while serving in Iraq or Afghanistan. The estimate for the number of Quilts of Valor we would collect would be several thousand. The fee is whatever the cost of the event is and the interim storage and delivery of Quilts of Valor. All Quilts of Valor would be turned over to Quilts of Valor-Socal for presentation.

Sponorship Available: Amount open

Quilt Contest Sponsorship Available

Quilt Contest Sponsorship Available

We would like to encourage non-quilters and quilters to make Quilts of Valor for those wounded serving their country in Iraq and Afghanistan. As such we would like to sponsor a Quilt Contest with 5 categories for each of 2 groups, beginners/first timers and experienced quilters. The categories will be:

  1. Flag Wavers
  2. Love Always, the USA
  3. Stars and Stripes Forever
  4. Heart full of thanks - Welcome Home!
  5. The Honor is all ours
One quilt in each category will be awarded $1000 for a total of 10 awards totaling $10,000. An additional $5,000 will be required for to advertise the contest.

All submissions will go to someone either physically or psychologically wounded in Iraq or Afghanistan. Our intention is to receive between 8 and 10,000 Quilts of Valor for presentation to those who have served. An additional cost of storage and shipping to service personnel in the US is not included in this estimate.

Details and specifics to be determined at a later date with input from the sponsor.

Our intention is to publicly display the awarded Quilts of Valor on the 4th of July.

Sponsorship Available: $15,000

Monthly Fabric Sponsorship Available

Monthly Fabric Sponsorship Available

Each month we will be collecting between 1600 and 5000 quilt blocks. The blocks are sewn together by volunteers at all day "sew-in" sessions. We have room for more than 100 volunteers every month and will schedule additional days if supply of blocks requires it. It takes 16 blocks to make one quilt. We are estimating 100 quilts the first month. You can see samples of a quilt block and a completed quilt top on our main blog page. These comprise the front of the quilt. In order to complete the quilt and get it delivered to a someone who was wounded serving in Iraq or Afghanistan we need to purchase supplies every month for:

    1. FABRIC -Back of the quilt (generally 4 to 7 yards)
    2. FABRIC - Binding (the part sewn around the edge of the quilt to enclose the raw edges - generally 2 yards)
    3. FABRIC - Label (goes on the back of the quilt with all the names of the 16 block makers, 1 piecer, and 1 quilter)
    4. FABRIC - Presentation Case - each quilt is presented in a presentation case of coordinating fabric. The presentation case is the size of a standard pillow case.
    5. Batting (filling) for each quilt. We estimate $25.00 per quilt for batting. $25 x 100 + $2500 for batting.
    6. Thread - thread will be needed for sewing and for embroidery for the labels. We don't have a good estimate for this as yet. Our forecasting ability will improve in the next 90 days. Our initial estimate is $500 per month at bulk wholesale purchase price.
Currently we depend on donated fabric from the quilters themselves. It simply isn't fair or reasonable to expect the quilters of America to bear this burden alone. The cost are substantial. Our intention is to purchase in bulk at wholesale price of $3.00 or less per yard. The amount of fabric required to complete quilt tops will be directly proportional to the number of quilt blocks that are donated every month. Our estimate for the first month is 1000 yards. Clearly we expect those need to continue growing each month through the end of the year.

Sponsorship Available: $33,000 for one month

Website Sponsorship Available

Website Sponsorship Available

Our website needs are a bit complex and will take a professional development to accomplish. Our requirements are as follows:
  • Integration to Salesforce
  • Web input forms for recipient canidates, volunteer piecers, quilters, block makers, corporate sponsors and individual contributors with automatic integration to Salesforce
  • Event management - ability to log multiple events at the same time and specify a multitude of requirements, registrations and confirmations
  • Ecommerce - ability to take donations online with recurring monthly charges, ability to sell catalog items with automatic inventory tracking and low stock notificaiton.
  • Inventory management of donated items with automatic number generation and receipt printing and shipping label printing with inventory bar code identification tags and automatic destination assignment.
  • Supply Chain process management and tracking
  • Video log
  • Pattern log
  • Completed and presented Quilt log

Sponsorship Available: $20,000

Note: we have a company prepared to provide the services as soon as the funding is available.